Tuesday, March 11, 2008


I've stopped bothering to keep track of how long it's been since I haven't had sex. I miss my libido but I've pretty much just let it go for now. It matters not at all. Well. Not much. I still masturbate, but as a way of release and relaxation rather than for true enjoyment and pleasure.

The other day, Husband was kissing on me and I rolled over. I would have actually gone along with it it, had it not been 10:30 on a night when I should have gone to sleep by 9:30... and had been stressed and sick all day. Okay, okay, there are always excuses. But seriously. And then the next day I got my period. The weird thing is, I'm usually super horny the night before I start but not that night. And certainly not since!

I'm still having something of a crush on my gay coworker. On his good days. Except I swear I've slept with a guy with a body just like his and been completely weirded out by the thinness of his hips and ass.... and the hugeness of his cock. All of which appear to be true of this particular guy. So weird.

Other than that, though... it's all about video games and work. I bounce between the two with little time or thought left over between.