Saturday, June 26, 2004

Husband's Home

I spent the better part of the day being glad husband was coming home. I was horny and needed a good fucking. Part way through I day I even went into the bathroom and rubbed my clit a little. However, when I moaned just a little too loud for a bathroom with 6 stalls and about 100 lockers I decided that perhaps I wasn't capable of being discrete enough to do it in there. So I stopped.

I went to pick up husband and by the time I got there his flight was delayed almost an hour. So I called a friend and talked to her while I waited. Eventually, 11:30 ticked by and still his plan wasn't listed as landed. 11:39 and still nothing. But I happened to look up at the right moment and there was husband striding down toward baggage claim. Yay! Unfortunately, it then took almost another hour for the baggage to be unloaded. Obviously, by then I was pretty pissed off, although I was really glad to see husband.

Even when I first saw him, he didn't reach for me. After a good half an hour I reached over and hugged him. "You know, you didn't even TRY to hug me, I said." I gazed up at him, my lips soft, head tilted slightly, just a little too close, gazing at him... and he stared at me blankly. Finally he seemed to get the hint and leaned over to give me a peck on the lips.

When we got in the car he leaned toward me but was stopped short by the seatbelt. I smiled at him and drove off into the night. I stopped to pick up some fast food since I'd been waiting for him to have my dinner... which was now late. And he told me "I really just want to go home and play with my wife." I smiled at that, "what? I thought you'd be too tired!"

When we got home we ate and he went to bed, telling me "I'm going to brush my teeth. Then I'm going to bed." I finished my food and turned off the tv to follow. "You don't HAVE to follow me." He said. But of course, I had to get up for work in about 7 hours so I followed.

He made out with me a little and I reached down to hold his cock, still under the covers. He flexed his hips against my hand, and I could feel the skin move over the shaft. He was ready to go. So I moved under the blankets and drew him near. I suggested we try missionary for a bit and he began fucking me fast and hard.

In the near complete darkness I closed my eyes and thought of the man from the hotel room. I imagined him fucking me this way and I met husband's thrusts, taking ever inch of him harder and faster. My mind drifted to other men and I imagined he was yet another lover, pounding away. My hands found the wall and I pushed back hard, keeping myself from moving back between thrusts, giving husband something more solid to pound.

I could feel him getting close, his breathing changing, his thrusts more mindless. I asked him, "do you want to do it doggy style?" He stopped, his breath still coming in gasps. "Yeah." He sat back on his haunches, waiting for me to present. I added a little lube to make the entry a little smoother and he slid into my waiting pussy with little effort. He began fucking me earnestly, then. I moaned.

When it comes to husband he is the master of doggy style. His cock finds all the right places and it's one of the most intense positions he and I have ever found. I started to rub my clit but found that physically I was less into this than I might have liked and there was no chance I was cumming anytime soon. So husband came inside me. I could feel his cock pulsing. He moaned a little, when normally he is all but silent. It was a good one.

When he pulled out and I stood up I felt his cum sliding out of me as I ran to the bathroom to clean up. His cum was coating my thighs in thick ropes. Definately a porn star moment. After I'd wiped myself clean I got back in bed and made out with him some more. Of course, THIS is when I started getting super horny. But we went to sleep, instead.

I still can't believe he came to me for sex. It's the first time in... I don't know how long. Just the thought is making my pussy swell. Oh, my.

Thursday, June 24, 2004

2nd trip to the same guy

Tonight I went to visit the man in the hotel, again. This time he messaged me very early in the morning and told me he was flying out in a few hours, did I want to come play? Of course I wanted to come play! Alas, he was still enamored of having me suck in him on cam so I didn’t end up getting to play with him (or be played with by him) all that much. In fact, as I try to remember I don’t think he even touched me at all.

However, this time we were somewhat more talkative and friendly which was pleasant. I sucked him for a good long time until my mouth started getting tired and I had to take a short break. I mentioned this to him and he told me he could tell as my teeth were starting to come out a bit. Oops. Obviously, I need to get more practice in order to strengthen those muscles!

Eventually, I asked him if he wanted to have sex and he considered momentarily but told me that really he just wanted to cum since I was obviously uncomfortable having sex on cam. So, I let him. And of course this time I was somewhat more selfish about it and when he started to cum I kept him in my mouth, letting his cum pool on my tongue. But there was a show to put on for the cam and I know some men are into seeing their cum shoot out of their cocks onto breasts so I let his cock slip from my mouth and his cum shot on my chin and down to my neck and tits. After he finished cumming I sucked him clean (maybe just a moment too long for the sensitivity that comes after an orgasm) and then wiped myself up.

He commented on the fact that I kept him in my mouth longer this time. I can’t help but wonder why I didn’t tell him then “it’s because your cum tastes really good! I almost swallowed it all!” but instead just nodded and turned back to getting dressed.

I still wish I’d had the experience of properly fucking him, off camera. I never got to run my fingers over his skin or taste his lips. I never got to experience what his kisses were like. Maybe he was a great kisser. I’ll never know that. This isn’t to say I regret only giving him the blow jobs. That was fun. Definitely an experience I felt like I should have... but it would be nice if he’d be around longer.

Earlier, as I leaned back, resting my jaw and watching him sitting in his chair, mostly relaxed, gently stroking his cock I was so turned on. Here was this hot man, hard from my ministrations, my saliva still coating his cock... and he was waiting for me. Oh, YES.

I loved getting to suck that cock the second time. Much as my male friend whom I allowed to watch on cam said that this guy was lucky... I admit some sense of feeling lucky to be allowed to suck his cock. Will I ever meet a guy with cum that’s so wonderful that it’s practically like candy to me? I hated to waste it! I almost should have started scooping it up off my tits for just that reason... but there’s something a little too porn-star about that to me.

Mmm. I miss his cock already!

Wednesday, June 23, 2004

Finally, something meaningless!

Husband is out of town for 5 days so I thought this would be the perfect time to play, conveniently. Guilt-free and all that. Except the whole sick/period thing. Well. I'm feeling better. Still bleeding, but my throat FEELS miraculously cured. THANK GOD.

So, I decided to go looking around online for some fun. AFF gave me a VERY local man who has potential for the sheer fact that he's NOT repulsive to me and he's extremely local. I also happened across a guy from the south west who's looking for a girl in this port of call for his monthly trips. Monthly? Eh.

I ended up visiting yahoo and coming across a guy from New Mexico who's here on business so, for the first time ever, I messanged a guy first curious of this was the same guy. And one thing led to another and I offered to come suck his cock for him. Mostly because I felt like doing SOMETHING and he happened to be available, and because I felt like I desperately needed something to write about. It's been so long!

So, I drove out to see him and he had to let me into the hotel so my first view of him was through the glass doors. Shorter than I expected, maybe two inches shorter than me in my shoes so probably an inch shorter than me barefoot. And handsome as hell. Rather took my breath away for him to be as damned good looking as he was. One of the best looking men I've had the opportunity to spend erotic time with.

We went to his room and went to the bathroom (as I so desperately needed to do by then) and then sat down in the bed. He wanted to put on a show for a few of his web "friends" which I knew before hand, so he set them all up and then asked me "so... what do you want to do?" I stared at him looking rather a lot like a deer in headlights and mumbled something about "sitting here being embarrassed" and he took matters into his own hands and started to get undressed. "It's too bad you're shy" I giggled. Finally, naked and absolutely hard, he sat down and looked expectantly at me. So I took off my shirt and bra and knelt down in front of him. And without much further ado, I started sucking his cock.

I must interrupt this part of the story with a short lesson. Before I left I asked him "when's the last time you washed?" He responded that he would make sure to do that shortly before I arrived. Okay, no problem. However, once I got down there I had to wonder what exactly he washed. Therefore, let me be the one to inform the men of the world if you want your cock sucked: wash your balls, your taint (bridge of sighs... whatever), and your ass, too, even if you don't expect them to be tongued, touched, or otherwise involved they do, in fact, collect body odor which can be VERY unpleasant.

I sucked him for a good long time and delighted in the fact that he was so close to cumming the whole time. I brought him to the brink a few times and had the pleasure of causing him to leak little bits of seminal fluid. I've never had a guy get quite THAT close. I usually stop well before that point if I'm teasing them, so the trickle of whitish fluid was a delightful surprise. I delicately licked it off the tip of his cock, and finding it all but tasteless devoured him and attempted to get more and more of that lovely fluid to seep forth.

Eventually it was getting harder and harder to keep him from cumming so I asked him where he wanted to cum and he agreed that my tits would be a good place. So I sucked him until he started cumming in my mouth and then directed his cock toward my chest. He came copious amounts. And, for the first time in what seems like FOREVER I found myself somewhat disappointed that I DIDN'T let him cum in my mouth, because his cum is some of the mildest most pleasant tasting cum I've happened across. I ended up cleaning the drippings off his cock just to check and make sure I was actually right. Sure enough. Good stuff.

Having his cum on myself I eventually cleaned it off and went to the bathroom to wash my hands. I got dressed and put my things away. I asked him if he was planning to do this again with anyone else while he was in the area and offered him a few condoms just in case. He took one. Then I let him know "hey, I'm free tomorrow, too. So you know... No pressure... but...." He was quite a moment and then told me that he didn't know when his meetings would be. I agreed "hey, no problem. Like I said. No pressure. But I'll be around. You're a really good looking guy...." And then I got ready to leave. I turned to kiss him, as I naturally tend to do but jerked involuntarily as I remembered that I hadn't kissed him once the whole time and it probably wouldn't be welcome now that he'd cum in my mouth. He didn't seem to notice and hugged me and I left.

So now I'm home and well ready for bed. I suspect it's too much to hope for, but I'd be oh-so-happy if he'd give me a ring or a message tomorrow and invite me back. Even if I can't fuck him I had SUCH a wonderful time sucking him. I'd love to have the opportunity without the hours of build up. To actually take him, via my mouth and hands, from something resembling softness to that orgasm. To learn, better, what makes him tick and to bring him even more pleasure.

I'm not sure I was able to make it really clear to him how into him I really was. And am. He's a good looking guy with a cock shaped and sized perfectly for me to suck all day (and it's not small, I swear), and cum that I find absolutely palatable. I'm really disappointed he's only around for business for a bit. I could get really into him. Not fall in love, I think, but fall in love with his body and all the things I'd absolutely love to do it!

Sunday, June 20, 2004

What a terrible week.

I've been really sick the last few weeks. Especially the last week. Throat infection. I have medication. It really sucks. So, without kisses or foreplay, husband and I had sex last night. I wanted to please him before he goes off for a week on business so I broke out the lube and rode him for a few minutes.

I then suggested he try bracing his feet on the bed and thrusting upward. He was rather somewhat confused by this momentarily "the angle is all wrong!" but when I stopped leaning off to the side (for a reason that was apparent at the time) he was greatly pleased by this "new" way of doing things, for a few minutes.

Then off into doggy style, the old standby, which I greatly enjoy and his best position for cumming. Not to mention it was really hot and that minimized contact. So he fucked me from behind and that felt very nice. I was no where near cumming the entire time, but I savored the feeling of his cock sliding in and out of me knowing how much I'd miss that feeling in the week he's away.

I'm really not sure what to do with myself this week. I have so much opportunity to find someone to fuck who ISN'T husband... and yet I'm really sick to the point that I can't even stand to swallow, eat, or drink, until the Motrin has taken the edge off my pain. Probably not something to entice a lover. Of course, thanks to the pain I'm absolutely NOT horny at all and haven't masturbated in at least a week. It's almost enough to make my crazy, but physically I'm just not up for it. Sleep. Lots and lots of sleep.

How disappointed can I be?

Monday, June 14, 2004

More Boring Than I Planned

Once again I decided NOT to go see MW. I basically told him he made me feel like maybe I was just a body to him and how little that appealed to me to not feel wanted, personally. So he's made SOMETHING of an effort. However, I teasingly asked him if he wanted me to go come over and give him a blowjob and he took me up on it. I seriously considered it but when I suggested I ought to shave and shower before coming over he asked me "you're just going to give me a blowjob, right?" Ah. Nevermind. I mean, sure I love a good BJ and there are occasional times when I'm happy to hand them out like candy... but they're fairly few and far between. And especially lately I've learned that I really expect some kind of reciprocation, even not of the oral variety. So nevermind. I don't want to leave there feeling used or frustrated. So I'll sit here quietly.

However, I went and bought us some broadband internet, finally. Yes, we've escaped the caves. The first thing I did was download the Paris Hilton sex tape. So now I've seen it. I know, I'm very far behind. So I watched the 37 minute version of it. And I must say... she's kind of boring. You really don't get the feeling she's that into it. He certainly is, though! Watching them having sex I couldn't help but worry that I'm like she is in bed. Probably enjoying the hell out of it but very quiet. I've resolved to get a little more passionate. I won't be mistaken for only kind of having a good time.

Which isn't to say I intend to suddenly and inexplicably become a screamer. But I fully intend to make my pleasure more known.

Saturday, June 12, 2004

Sex on Cam

Husband and I engaged in some play on cam for one of my more adventurous boyfriends. It was kind of fun. But it involved a lot of me going down on my husband. That isn't a problem, except that husband sometimes has a hard time cumming that way (much as he loves it) and he had performance anxiety and my interrupting boyfriend to deal with. It was kind of fun, but I suspect it will never happen again. At least, not with husband.

We ended up leaving to go upstairs. Being somewhat drunk I was a little more... Let's say.. honest than normal. In a good way. So I took him up to bed with me and made him fuck me with his fingers since his cock was too soft. It felt really very good. I don't normally say anything but I asked him to fuck me for a minute and he couldn't because he was soft so I told him "then use your fingers!" And he did. Ah, I liked that. Must ask for what I want more often, right?

Eventually he managed to cum on my face, which was his goal for most of the evening. Just really wanted to. He said it was a great orgasm but that it wasn't worth all the trouble. I don't blame him. My lips are somewhat cut up now.

But I like trying new things.

Friday, June 11, 2004

Laid by husband.

Isn't it funny how all the men come out of the woodwork at once? Last night I was super horny. Swollen, dripping, hard clit. Clearly ready to fuck. I ended up talking to my lover online (whom I hope never reads this blog because much as I haven't made an effort to hide this from anyone who knows my chat name I'd just rather he not read for fear I say something he doesn't like). I considered going to see him but had to get up in less than 8 hours, and he and I usually spend at least an hour or two. Not to mention needing a shower and to drive over there and back. So I begged off.

Turned out though, much to my shock and delight that husband really was available for sex. So we went upstairs and pretty much immediately went into doggy style. All I really wanted was a quickie... which is a first for me. I always wish it would last longer. His cock was rubbing right against my g-spot and I was rubbing my clit. I had these new and exciting flutterings which caused me to moan a lot. It was like cumming, except less explosive.

I finally came and came hard. Then husband started fucking me in ernest trying to cum, too. He finally did and while I wasn't too impressed with how he came, he surely was. He insisted that it was one of the best orgasms ever. It was also the first time in a very very long time he's been allowed to cum inside me. But he told me later "I thought about asking you if I could cum on your face... but figured you wouldn't be into that."

Sure, there are things I'm utterly not into. Golden showers, scat, pain. But cumming on my face? Please. If it turns him on it'll turn me on. At least this time he expressed a desire to me that he has never before managed to tell me... even if it was after the fact. I told him it would have been fine, but I didn't really want him cumming on the bed... but we could have put something else down just in case. So next time maybe he'll let me know ahead of time and I can make him happy.

God, I love turning on my lovers. I love being told how to please them and then actually seeing that I have the power to make their orgasms that much better.

Next time...

Thursday, June 10, 2004

Okay I don't collect men.

However, I do have a military connection and the fact that I have it puts me in the unique position of meeting men of various services. So far I've slept with an airman and a soldier. So I feel the certain pull to find myself a marine and a seaman. How can one resist sleeping with a seaman? lol Husband insists I'd also have to sleep with a coastie, but why? They're not a REAL service, I say. Husband disagrees. Well, whatever. It's MY set and *I* get to decide!

Because of the name of my blog which has a vaguely marine bent to it (although that wasn't my intention) I feel even more pressure to sleep with a marine. Self caused pressure, of course. No one's telling me to do it. However, it's a pressure I kind of like because there are a LOT of fucking hot marines out there. But then we all knew that anyway, didn't we?

Just so happens that I found a promising young man online today. A cute marine around my age with a wife who isn't interested in sex with him anymore. Oh, yes. That works for me. Although I prefer the single guys for various reasons, I'll take what I find when I find it. I'm very picky and that doesn't need to be added to my extremely long list of deal breakers. At least not in my opinion. I hate to think of all the perfectly good unused cocks in the world. Especially knowing how much I appreciate them and want them....

God, I'm horny.

Tuesday, June 08, 2004

Short story of bad sex.

I'm all excited because I made it on MMSA's blogroll. I must be a REAL blogger now, right? Heh. Okay, it's the little things.

I swear I'm trying to get myself thoroughly laid so I'll have something to write about, but damn it's hard to find someone I really WANT to fuck and husband isn't putting out right now. No surprise there. He goes in fits and starts.

Tonight my boyfriend from up north tried to set me up with a man he met online whom he thought would be able to satisfy me for a while. I didn't take too kindly to that. Lest anyone doubt for a second, I am entirely capable of getting myself laid. I get plenty of offers. However, I'd prefer to avoid a repeat of an experience I had a few months ago, which I will relate shortly. Needless to say it's made me wary of just going off to sleep with someone for the sake of it.

About a month ago I started chatting with a rather cute guy online. Shortly after chatting with him he convinced me that I ought to meet him. Being as he was abnormally hot and interested in me I gave into my baser urges and met him in a public park before I knew him very well. Lovely place. We walked around and talked some. Among the things I discovered was that he smoked (yuck) and spent part of his childhood killing random animals in the park with his BB gun. Another yuck, from me. Anyway. Eventually, got to a secluded part of the park and he started necking with me and touching me in the most inappropriate ways. He managed to get my shirt and bra off and my pants around my ankles, standing on the edge of a lake where anyone could see. I managed to get lost in the sensation of his tongue on my ear and one of his hands in my pussy for a few minutes before I started to really worry someone would see. So I stopped him and we went back the vehicles. I was hard pressed to decide, though, if I should fuck him as I wasn't pleased with his overall attitude or way of life. However, he remained hot... and I was turned on by him enough that I decided to go with him.

We went to his home and he led me to his bedroom, we both got naked and he lay me down. As he knelt over me he asked "do you like to give blow jobs?" I nodded shyly at first but when he didn't make another move, I said, "yes, I do. Very much." At which point he slid on a condom and started fucking me. Umm... okay... that's fine, too. He asked me to turn over and I knelt before him. I LOVE doggy style so I was starting to get really into it as he was fucking me fast and hard. And then he slid out and went to the bathroom.

"I'm out of shape for that," he told me. I giggled a little. "How long's it been?" "Oh, about a month... well... I'm going to smoke." and he left the room.

You'd think the fact that he stopped fucking me would be my hint, but no, my last lover sometimes had to get up and go to the bathroom midway through sex, so I thought nothing of it. Instead, this guy had cum and gotten dressed within two minutes of taking of his clothes in the first place. I kid you not. Two minutes.

I was utterly confused and stayed in the bed another couple of minutes before getting up and getting dressed myself. I wasn't sure what to make of it all. So finally I said "I'm not leaving... until you give me really good directions how to get home." He immediately jumped up and drew me a map. Umm. Thanks. So I left. For whatever reason, I was in an incredibly good mood when I left. I can't say why.

However, I still worry about a repeat performance... from another man. So I'm being picky. I need someone to help me build my confidence in men back up. Or maybe I just need to stop being bitter.

Whatever the case, I need a good thorough fucking and soon.

Sunday, June 06, 2004

Silent Orgasm.

I like to write here after husband has gone off to bed. Makes things a little more... Intimate.

Today was supposed to be the day of much fucking. Of course, there was no fucking. Am I surprised? No fault of his, though. I'm sick. Swollen nodes and a somewhat sore throat. Definitely doesn't lead to much in the way of a makeout session/foreplay. Damn. Thus, no sex.

Last night I masturbated like a crazy woman. It's great when I can feel that it's definitely going to be a really good one and I can time and push it into being *really* great. So, last night I broke out the old hitachi magic wand and my dildo and set to giving myself an incredible orgasm. When I did finally decide I had to cum I tried very hard to be quiet since husband was sleeping but managed to let out a moan which sounded rather louder to my ears than it probably actually was.

One of the things I discovered can absolutely add to orgasms power is to force myself to absolutely NOT let out a peep when I'm used to moaning when I cum. The extra tension in my muscles from clamping down on sounds (maybe holding my breath)is incredible. But it doesn't work every time.

I used to cum absolutely silently. A side effect of living with Christian parents who forbid masturbation. Gradually I've become more vocal. It's even to the point where I often can't help but moan into a kiss. The more sex I have and the more variety in sexual partners I have, the more I've learned to not smother myself and try to keep my pleasure unknown. And it's beautiful. But every now and then, a good smothering is fucking HOT.

I'm horny. My boyfriend EB said he'd be online tonight and I thought I'd find a way to make a plan with him. But I don't see hide nor hair and I'm so disappointed. I need fucking. I need someone other than husband to touch me and drive his cock into my pussy.

I just need more sex!

Saturday, June 05, 2004

Freed by The Pill.

Tomorrow will be the first day I am sexually freed by being on the pill. I'm very excited because it's been well over a year since the last time I tried the pill. At that time I had a really wacky schedule which wasn't regular. Unfortunately, pill taking IS supposed to be a regular occurrence at a particular time of day. If you miss it... you might as well not have taken it at all. These days, my schedule is much more solid and predictable, so pill taking is much easier.

Husband and I have been putting off sex for a while now. Almost a month. Not to say we haven't done sexual things... but no fucking. That's been tough since I really enjoy fucking my husband. He's by no means the best lover around and he doesn't last as long as I'd like (or hasn't in the past) but he feels *really* good inside me. I love the shape and size of his cock very much and I miss feeling him pounding me from behind.

For the last month we've been doing a lot of mutual masturbation, foreplay, and oral sex. Mostly me on him, of course, but he's been doing a LOT better about being giving about the whole thing. Just the other day he actually spent a few minutes eating my pussy before finally coming up to complain that my pussy wasn't clean shaven enough and was kind of scratchy. I guess I needed to change my razor. No big deal.

I'm thinking about going to using an electric razor on my pussy again. Unfortunately, it's one of those things that takes a lot of time (and itching) to get used to. But, it gives a SUPER close, super safe, shave which is impossible to beat with a safety razor. So it's a consideration, but I'm not sure if I feel like going that route, again. And waxing just takes too much grow-in time. I like being hairless ALL the time.

So, that's my sex life in a nutshell so far. I'm expecting to see EB again, soon, though, so maybe I'll have an interesting story to tell. Not to mention fucking husband tomorrow, too. I'm getting horny just thinking about it. I hope he doesn't let me down!

Friday, June 04, 2004

Is it wrong?

Would it be wrong of me to want to seduce someone's husband for the sole reason that said someone really irritates the hell out of me and it would bring my joy to have that little secret from her. No desire for her to ever know that I fucked him and made him cum. I just want ME to know. And for him to know. And want more.

Probably just day dreams. But I've been extra flirtatious. I wonder if he's thought about me when he masturbates, yet?

More Things

Last night I had the opportunity to go over to MW's home to have sex. However, I couldn't bring myself to do it because he was being so indiscriminate. He just wanted to fuck, didn't matter who. Meanwhile, I like my lovers to want to fuck ME. So I didn't even bother going to meet him or anything. I considered it, because I think it might have made a good story but he logged off and Husband and I found other amusements.

I'm happy to say that BF is still around. He's a married man whom I've dated twice but somehow never managed to have sex with. Only a little kissing in public places. He disappeared for two weeks but has come back around, I'm happy to say. Claims his job got in the way. I feel somewhat disrespected as I don't expect a lot of his time, but if he's going to disappear for half a month I deserve SOME kind of explanation....

Then there's EB who's a regular boyfriend I only see about twice a month. The sex started out bad and has only gotten better. However, I'm starting to suspect I'm allergic to his cum. I'm planning on testing that theory next chance I get. I'm afraid to swallow for just that reason. Maybe just a taste...

Wednesday, June 02, 2004

I have another journal.

I've hit on some of the things in that journal that I mention here. However, it's a different sort of community. They don't really want to know the dirty gritty details of my sex life that I desire to write about. They don't want to know about men cumming on my face or how it feels to have my lover's cock deep inside me.

Frankly, I'm completely out of practice on writing about this stuff. However, it should be interesting to explore this part of my sexuality, too, writing about the things I do and talking about the way it makes me feel inside in a way I never have before. It's all part of the same thing.

A bit of background before we begin. Probably needs to be a FAQ but I'm not as ready to explore my HTML as I am to explore sex. I'm happily married to someone who's libido has never been quite as high as mine. If I could be having sex every day sometimes several times a day I'd be doing it. Meanwhile, my husband and I have gone 6 or more months without having sex at all. Without him complaining once. It was this sort of thing that led me to exploring the possibilities of open marriage. We explored it a bit while he was sent out of the country but since his return years ago never tried it. After that half a year of celibacy I'd had enough and took a lover. And another. And another.

So here I sit, more lovers under my belt than I imagined I could have and still looking for more. I've been the only woman, I've been the other woman. I've had relationships that have lasted a couple of months and one night stands. I have, however, never had a man give me an orgasm. I've had lots of offers and plenty of guys tell me that their girlfriend/wife said the same thing once etc etc.

In exploring sex with different men in different ways, I free myself. And everytime I find someone new to play with I find myself more in control of my sexuality and my enjoyment. No longer bound by husband's likes or dislikes I find myself more turned on and more passionate than I knew I could be. I bring this all home to him, a freer more sexual being, and he finds himself freed from his own limits as well.

This blog, which I admit to considering starting a long time ago was somewhat forced on me by a desire to leave a comment on another person's post. However, much as whine it's not what I wanted, it very much is. I needed this freedom. And now I'm going to exercise it. And work to find things to write about!