Monday, September 28, 2009


So I'm on a birth control pill now.  Not really to prevent pregnancy but... you know, I'll use it for that, too.

I read somewhere (where?!?)  recently that someone thinks of taking their birth control pill as a daily reminder that they're NOT having sex.  A shame, really.  I'm thinking of it as a reminder that I CAN.  Score!

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

A More Serious Subject...

"...They had to go to foster care for a couple of days, how'd the little ones handle that...?"
"They were frightened to death. I mean... it was horrible because the kids were scared, frightened, didn't know where they were going.  Mommy and daddy didn't know where they were going and it was gut wrenching.  It really was."

 I transcribed that (minus the identifying or unnecessary portions of the wording) from a CNN hosted interview because I heard that emotional description and wonder why the fuck no one uses that to describe ALL the children who go into foster care.  I mean, yes, there are a few who handle it really well, couldn't care less where they are.  Some are even grateful.  But I assure you, the vast majority of children who are taken from their homes (no matter how terrifying) feel all the same things as those adored little ones described above.

The parents are suing their local government for the heartache and pain caused by the "mistaken" removal of their children.  I suspect it'll be a lot of years and a lot of appeals before this ends.  And really, as a child of the foster care system I can't help but hope IF a settlement does come out of this, that it doesn't come out of the lives of the foster kids who do need to be in the system.  And really, I hope they lose their case, because you know, much as I know it was a terrible, terrifying experience for all of them... it's more important that they DO catch people who abuse their kids than NOT cause a few days of upset.

But then I don't have kids.  So what do I know?

Monday, September 14, 2009

Gimme Gimme Some

I'm reading this fantasy novel and there was a (very tame) sex scene in it.  Which was unexpected and exceptionally well written.  I found myself trying to snuggle with Husband.  He was in a bad mood.  Fuck, his timing is awful.

Meanwhile, it's that time of the month (although in my case, you know I mean YEAR) and I'm going through all the normal PMS-y, horny things I go through this time of the month.  It's been a while since I've been at this level of sadness.  It's kind of funny, because I recognize it for what it is and it feels old and familiar and sort of comfortable.  Even while I'm sad.

When husband finally came around to snuggling, he started to get a hard on.  Of course I have my period and he knew it by then.  Sex is sooooo uncomfortable during the first day or two of my period.  But oh, god how I want it.  If husband had actually tried to fuck me, I'd have been all over him anyway....

Friday, September 04, 2009

The thing is...

I was browsing, thinking I could use a few new casual wear shirts.  In my search, I came across the shirt included here.

At which point I seriously thought to myself "I'd NEVER wear that."  Not because it's ugly, a bad design, or even not my style.  No no.  It's because it'd be likely that a person wearing this shirt to be eaten by zombies.  It's comic relief and I don't want to be the comic relief.
Yeah.  I thought that.  Because, you know, zombies are real. And life is a movie.

Tuesday, September 01, 2009


It's raining out.  Gmail is down.  Warcraft servers are down.  I've already worked 11 hours this week (when I would normally have worked none yet).  Dammit!  What a crappy "weekend" this has been for me.  Really this post was a test to see if blogger is down, too.  Because I would have found it funny.

I don't really mind the rain.