Thursday, February 26, 2009

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

State of the Union

Things are going here. Going as usual, really. We've almost been together 10 years, the old man and I. What a strange, strange thing to consider....

Husband has misplaced his most recent girlfriend. Well, she misplaced herself. The problem with women (, too) is that they don't really know what they want. The last woman made it very clear that she wasn't looking for a relationship. According to her, the last guy she'd dated had suggested they make their relationship more permanent which led her to dropping him quickly. In the case of my husband after they'd been seeing each other for a while she dropped him because "she wanted something more permanent." In fact, she told him that she didn't like the fact that his wife (me) could "stop things whenever she wanted." Which was never a danger.

I'm not sure if she was a liar or a fool. But, husband has my pity since I've been in his position before. With the man I call "the ex." He was both a fool and a liar. But I still cared very deeply for him. And he was an AMAZING kisser....

I must digress to the fact that kissing can very much make or break a relationship. In the case of "the ex" it absolutely MADE that relationship. There were a few other things he did well, but most importantly the man could kiss. God, could he ever.

So once again husband is on the prowl. I think he's a little disheartened. I totally understand that.

Meanwhile, I find the rest of my life just fulfilling enough to not feel like I need to go hunting for sex. I'm still totally sprung on those two nights with Keith, though as time goes by I get a little more willing to settle for something less. I still keep in contact with Martin, a little. I miss him more than I miss anyone else, I think. He's a great friend and I enjoyed having sex with him, too.

Part of me wants another lover. But at this point I want something like Martin and I had. Something based on friendship and mutual pleasure. I can get a little wilder, later, after I've enjoyed that particular closeness for a while....