Monday, May 18, 2009

All the stuff

I have a dog under the desk, hiding.  Because I cursed.  What better place to hide from my wrath then against my legs?  Why did I curse?  Because I calculated how much longer we'll owe money on the car at the minimum payment rate and realised it's 2 more years.  Even though I make it a point to put a little extra now and again, 2 more years is a long time!  It seemed like so much less when I just looked at the pay off amount.  Money.  So frustrating.

Husband has a date tomorrow.  Tenatively.  He took about a month or two off from the "dating" world since he was frustrated with the revolving door thing he had going on.   He's like me, when he finds a good thing he wants to keep it around.  Other people, though, are fickle.  So he's had a hard time keeping a steady lover who can deal with the reality of being second string.

And since I have to restart my computer... well... I guess that's the end of that.