Friday, March 17, 2017

Second visit with Greg

I scheduled Greg to come by on Wednesday.  He didn't confirm that morning.  And then about a half hour after the agreed upon visit time he texted me to say he wasn't able to make it due to an unexpected work meeting.  I was kind of pissed but gave him the benefit of the doubt.  Still I did, later, tell him how unacceptable it was for him to wait so long to let me know he wouldn't be coming by.

We rescheduled for Thursday at 10.  It was after 9 and he clearly hadn't left his home yet.  As it hit 10:30 he assured me he was on the road.  At 11:30 he told me he was almost at my house.  I'm not stupid.  I had already checked to see what the commute time between his city and mine was.  Something like 40 minutes at that time.  A long time, but not two and a half hours.  Even in bad traffic... which there wasn't.

I considered telling him to turn around closer to 11 but couldn't quite bring myself to tell him no when he was on his way, even though I was irritated.  I went back to bed, leaving the door unlocked.  Naked and in bed with my dogs I waited.  And decided to let myself fall asleep.  Which I did.  When he texted me to say he was almost there I told him to come in.  He came into the bedroom and I got up long enough to get rid of the dogs and then crawl back into bed.

Like a clever boy, he immediately stripped down and crawled into bed next to me, his cock pressing delightfully against my ass.  I turned over and he snuggled his hips between my legs and began to feast on my nipples.  I still don't know exactly what he was doing, but it felt vaguely like getting my nipples pierced again.  It hurt.  It felt intense.  It was amazing.  He watched me.  I loved seeing his eyes looking at me,

He moved down between my legs and played with my pussy a bit.  "Harder' I asked, and he did.  And it felt amazing.  His mouth quickly found my clit and he began to tongue and then suck it.  Hard.  It hurt.  A lot.  I expected him to stop but he did not.  I had asked him to watch a particular video.  I did not expect him to get that out of it.I finally asked him to stop and told him it hurt.  "What are you doing?"  "Sucking it like my life depends on it." he said.  I don't know how he got the idea that was the way to go.  Maybe that's what he wants me to do to his cock?

He fingered me and it felt AMAZING.  Intense.  Perfection.  I should have told him to never stop.  I would have come that way.  But for some reason he stopped.  Got bored.  Something. I should have told him to keep going.  He replaced his fingers with his cock and... well... he must have been doing a good job fingering me because his cock felt far less amazing. Still nice.

He kissed me and I could taste the faint flavor of his cigarettes.  Not nearly as intense as last time.  But still obvious.  Damn.

He slid out of me to adjust position and when I reached down to finger my clit he shoved my hand away, sliding back inside me. At some point he folded my legs up between us, his cock head hitting my gspot over and over.  "Did you come?" he asked pausing briefly.  I shook my head no.  "You just got really, really wet." he said.  He went back to fucking me in the same position. A minute later I felt myself pee just a bit.

My entire person froze for a second, briefly confused.  I hadn't come.  It hadn't felt particularly great, either.  Just... like I'd suddenly peed just a bit.  But then I think we all know that's now what happened at all, right? He didn't say anything and I couldn't bring myself to mention it for fear I had just peed.  And then I quickly forgot about it in the pleasure of his cock.

Once again, I managed not to come, much to my painful disappointment.  I asked him to let me touch myself, to put his fingers inside me.  He pushed his cock back inside me and I told him I couldn't reach my clit very well.  "Deal," he said, pointedly.  I rather liked the way he said it.  But I still couldn't come.

Finally he said "I'm going to cum inside you."  "Yes, please" I asked.  He came inside me shortly after.  A minute later we went to take a shower.  We talked a little.  And he left asking if we would see each other next week.  "I don't know my schedule" I said truthfully.  Turns out my schedule next week is a mess.  I did text him my schedule.  But I'll find an excuse to beg off and then we won't see each other again.

Disappointing as hell.

Friday, March 10, 2017


I went and saw "Logan" today. Really entertaining. However, I spent much of the movie wondering if Dan was there. Envisioning him walking up to me, touching me. Fuck, I miss him.  It's not that he was an amazing lover. I had sex with him several times and never got anywhere near coming. But kissing him, touching him. I loved that.

Greg, on the other hand, left me somewhat chafed with a few sore muscles to boot. The man can fuck, and I can't deny I liked it.

We chatted online a bit today. He wanted to come over again but I had to decline. No privacy today, unfortunately. A painful thing to do, to say no to something I'm still hungry for. A little extra lube would take care of the chafing and I'd be ready in no time.

Greg is interested in being a regular feature in my life. I had to ask him about the smoking. "I do it when I'm nervous" he admitted. A terrible habit but I took some extra pride in the fact that he was nervous to meet me. Still, I told him I could taste it on him and wasn't a fan.  We'll see. I think some people forget that the smell and taste of cigarettes don't just dissipate because they haven't smoked in a few hours.  If he's lying, it will be over. You know, after we have sex again.

I did mention we had a few things to work on. Admitted I'm terribly addicted to porn and find it difficult to come without it. And that I loved the feel of his fingers inside me. I couldn't quite bring myself to tell him he's not as great at oral sex as I'd hoped and stopped doing the things I liked way too soon.  I was pretty sure I need to ease into the pride wounding.

I have a book I bought years ago called "how to talk to a naked man." I don't remember anything in it, but maybe I need to give it another quick read. Maybe it holds the secret how to ask for what I need without sounding disappointed.

I will say, though, that between my recent lovers I've pretty much gotten to the point where I'm no longer one of those girls who don't care much for oral. Even a bad tonguing is turning out to be pretty good.

The, as of yet, unnamed character in my story is conspicuously absent. I'm not sure why. But his entertaining part of my life is sorely missed, too.

I haven't come up with a good name for him yet, and since we've not yet met I'm still not sure what his part will be in the story.  Until I figure out a name for him and have a decent introduction story for him, he's my precious secret.

Thursday, March 09, 2017

Sex with Greg

I met Greg via a popular dating website. Lots of people there are looking for long term relationships, but most of them are looking for something far more casual.  I fall somewhere in between, being married as long as I have been I'm not looking for a new husband but a nice boyfriend or two are welcome.

We chatted online a bit. Another character I've yet to introduce in this blog encouraged me to meet up with Greg. More than once, in fact.  Greg was nice enough and appeared to be delightfully handsome so I committed.

We made a plan a couple of days in advance for a meet up. I decided I would indeed host, against my better judgment. I gave him my address and made sure I knew where the knives were.

In the morning, I woke up extra early and began to make sure the house was in decent enough shape that I won't be mortified to have him here. I also made a plan for the changing of the sheets so Husband and I would not be sleeping on the sex sheets from my tryst.

As we got closer to Greg's planned arrival time it became clear he was still at home. He let me know he would be late. He ended up being very, very late. Over an hour, in fact. Somehow this made my normal nervousness drop to near zero.

I was vaguely irritated at his lack of punctually but it was tempered by the fact that he kept me up to date on his progress.  I mentioned his lateness and how long it was taking him to reach me (over an hour) and the other character I've yet to introduce pointed out "that is a guy who really wants to get his hands on you." Suddenly my irritation was gone.  Maybe that was true.

Greg texted me once he arrived and I went outside to meet him. His car was an older model, damaged from some minor accident that left the car cosmetically questionable but still mobile. Fortunately for him, his car did not represent his own state.

It turns out, Greg really is a handsome guy. Pretty eyes, a quick smile. I was somewhat amazed that he had arrived, we'd seen each other, and he was apparently still interested.

I invited him into the house and he was greeted by the cacophony of all of my animals upset and confused by the stranger in our home. I gave him a quick introduction and then led him directly toward the bedroom, not bothering with most of the normal awkward conversation.

He followed me and just before we entered the doorway to the bedroom he paused grabbing me gently by the shoulder, making me stop. Before I could turn around he he had stepped toward me, pulling my body tight against his own. With a gentle movement he pulled my hair away from one side of my neck and replaced it with his mouth.  I melted.

His lips and tongue made a delightful trail of pleasure climbed up the nape if my neck toward my ear making me shiver, and moan. "You find my spot" I gasped. His hands were on my stomach resting a little too politely below my breasts. I put my hands over his and pulled them to onto my chest granting him free access and myself the extra simulation.

After a few moments he drew back and I moved toward the bedroom again. It was a small circus, removing the dogs from the room, but once alone, he pulled me into his arms and gave me a slow, sweet kiss. I could taste the cigarettes on his lips.  I remember thing "he said he was a non-smoker didn't he...?".

Still the kiss was sensual and delightful. I couldn't bring myself to break it over something vaguely distasteful. Certainly, I've had other lovers over the years with the same addiction.

He went to move me toward the bed and I sat down. He came down half on me, half off, kissing me more. I moved so his thigh was between my legs so I could press against something, both relieving and intensifying the ache he was creating.

He pulled me up and took off my shirt and maybe took a moment to appreciate my bra before unhooking that, too. I teased him about not being able to do it one handed (a sure sign of a man-slut, I think).

He moved down my body to lick, suckle, and bite nipples. Too​ often when a man plays with my breasts I find it boring. Not with him. He was tougher on them, than kind. I looked down at him, surprised by the sensations he was creating. He was looking back at me, gauging my reactions and responding to them.

I finally reached down and felt his waist band. "A puzzle" I muttered, tugging ineffectually at his belt. He laughed, maybe, standing up to take off his pants and underwear "it's faster this way" he said, settling back between my legs but giving me nothing to feel pressed against my pussy, yet, his lips on mine again.

At some point he moved down my body, spreading my pussy lips open.  He touched his tongue over my clit, like nicely wet finger. Like porn. It was pleasant but not great. Maybe a minute later give or take, he was done.

I'm a little muddled here. But I remember he was on his back and I straddled his hips, our mouths fused as I rocked my hips, trying to catch his cock just right so it wold slide inside me. I failed. He knew what I was doing and grabbed his cock near the head, guiding it against my pussy. I continued to move my hips hoping he would soon be inside. "I'm teasing you" he said with a smile. "Fuck, I know," I whined, putting more pressure downward trying to force his cock inside.

He finally relented, letting me slide down on his cock. "Slow down'" told me as I tried worked to get his entire length inside me, "we have plenty of time." I moved more slowly, finally taking his whole length inside and pausing to savor the feel of his cock filling me completely.

I remember being on top for a while, him telling me to sit up, partially so he could see me, I think.  Finally, he took over, rolling on top of me where he stayed for much of the next 45 minutes.

He finally pulled out of me, much to my dismay and began fucking me with his fingers, the wet sounds a testament to how good he was.  I think I could have come from the way his fingers felt inside me, his other hand finding my clit and working it over.

He gave up on that rather quickly and slid back inside me. I could feel the heat building up in my face and neck, that wonderful sex flush that is a sure sign of arousal and impending orgasm. But something changed in his pace and motion. And it was gone, ephemeral as smoke.

I never came. He did. We spent some time touching a little and talking afterward. We showered together.

We finally parted, leaving the house together to go our separate ways.