Monday, December 12, 2016


I stopped using my birth control. Not because I want to get pregnant. It was an oversight really. But then I remembered how much I love being off birth control. My hormones are running free again.

I have been dealing with a salesman, trying to sell me on a rather expensive item for my company. I want it very badly. I also want him.

As he was describing all the wonderful things his product does, I was thinking about fucking him. I noted the ring on his finger.

When I talked to him again later, asking for some pricing info, I wanted to ask him if sexual favors weeks change pricing at all. Could I give him a blow job to seal the deal, maybe?

I wonder what he'd be like bed. If I sucked his dick would he lay back, moaning his pleasure letting me tease him toward orgasm? Or would he make a fist in my hair, forcing his cock into my throat using me for his release.

I'm not the kind of girl to go looking to run a marriage. But I love the forbidden. And I want to know if he's as confident in bed as he is in a meeting.