Monday, May 29, 2017


I've been trying to keep really busy, sexually. It's been working pretty well. I love getting laid (just like most people). As always, my goal is to get laid a few times a week. I'm not as successful with that as I'd like.

My lovers have a terrible tendency to not meet my expectations when it comes to frequency. Most of them have perfectly reasonable reasons for not being available. Or we have scheduling conflicts.

So, I find myself looking for new lovers way more often than I like. But there is a certain joy in fucking someone new. Being touched in a different way. Getting to touch in a new and different way.

One of my lovers, Joss, was one of the first men I've been with to show not just tolerance or curiosity about sex toys but a genuine interest and appreciation for them.

I own a Hitachi Magic Wand, but he brought his along an attachment. And then he used it on me. For what was probably a very long time. It felt like it. It felt amazing.

He proceeded to give me my first orgasm for which a partner was solely responsible. And it turns out... It's pretty fucking amazing.  He was also responsible for the second.

The third came from another man. With the same name as the first, oddly. I think he'll end up being a one night stand, but you can imagine that's not my preference. He managed to get me off using his hands and mouth. And blew my mind.

Saturday, May 06, 2017


I slept with Josh a few times. The first night I think he came three times. His cock isn't much to write home about. It's rather small and unassuming. But he's good with his hands and knows it very well.

I brought one of my vibrators with me one night and we tried to get me off with it. I did eventually come, but it wasn't easy and it was weak and disappointing.

He mentioned how disappointed he was by my lack of orgasms. I'd had to fight so hard to have that one... and it was very much the opposite of dramatic or even remotely interesting. I agreed with the thought... but I am so frustrated by my inability to come with lovers that when he said that I made the decision to not return the next day as had been planned. Even knowing that he may never return to my city.

However, two weeks later he was back and I decided to go see him again. This time he had his Hitachi magic wand and attachment.

There wasn't much warm up before he had that thing pressed up against my pussy. But it was too much to fast and I told him as much. I introduced him to my own attachment, solely used for gspot simulation which he eventually slid inside me from behind.

I turned back over and he switched back to his own attachment. A two parter that slid somewhat inside me and then also reached for my clit.  It was a lot at first, even then. The vibrations so strong I almost couldn't take it. And then suddenly it wasn't enough.

Earlier in the day, I be had been with another man. A man whose oral talents nearly bought me to orgasm three times. His cock, too, was incredibly impressive. Actually thick enough to be somewhat painful once he was inside.

Laying there with the magic wand pressed against my vulva, I envisioned the earlier man's tongue pressed so perfectly where it needed to be.  The man I was with right then pressed his mouth to mine and in moments I felt myself reaching the edge of orgasm.

When I finally came it wasn't a giant wave washing over me, leaving me quivering and sensitive and hungry for a cock inside my pussy. This time, it was a gentle wave that made me mystified as to what had happened.  It made me arch and moan and seek my lover's mouth hungrily. And then it disappeared only to return in the same gentle, surprising wave. Over and over again I felt myself give in to the pleasure, feeling it recede and return in a way I'd never experienced. Crying and panting into my lover's mouth between deep kisses.

I don't know how many times I came or how long it went on. What I know is eventually I came back to myself utterly happy and confused.

My first multiple orgasm. My first orgasm given to me by a lover.

It was amazing and perfect.

And now I want more.

Tuesday, May 02, 2017

A Kiss

I didn't think it was possible, but I may have found someone who actually likes to kiss as much or more as I do. Wow.

A bit after his second orgasm I leaned over to kiss him thoroughly. I wanted to thank him the best way I could think of and a deep kiss seemed to be the way to go.

He's a good kisser. A great kisser. But every time I would move to break the contact his hand would come up to cup the back of my neck, refusing the retreat.

Eventually he broke the kiss in order to move over me, impaling me on his now hard cock yet again. I exclaimed in wonder and he said softly "you're the one who started kissing me."

Oh, my.
On a whim, after Dan had declined to see me, yet again when I was available but he said he was not,I invited Jared over to the house I was watching. I didn't know much about him. Just that he was reasonably attractive, from his photos. Seemed kind and respectful and was available. Dan could fuck right off.

Jared took forever to get to the house. I think he showed up around ten, much to my irritation. I had to work in the morning and had hoped he'd arrive closer to eight.

None the less, I invited him in and we spent a good hour or more taking. He has this really interesting, rhythmical way of talking that boarders on poetry or rap. His voice has a smoothness to it that made his conversation almost musical. I could hear "the hood" in his words, a product of the tough city he grew up in, I later learned.

I encouraged him to talk almost the entire time, adding a word or sentence here and there to keep up the flow and make him forget that I hadn't volunteered much about myself. It's one of my ways of checking in that the person I'm with isn't crazy, listening to them talk about this or that.  It gives me time to study their mannerisms, their expression, the way they express themselves. 

He spent a lot of time gazing ahead of himself, glancing at me now and again, reaching out for a deliberate touch once in a while, gauging my own reaction. I didn't give him much. Finally he gestured to the small space on the love seat next to him, "do your want to come sit next to me?" He asked. Not really shyly, but making no demands.

I squinted at him for a second and finally stood up. "No. Let's just skip this." I took his hand and led him to the bedroom. He tagged behind me making some vague comment about his jacket which I ignored. 

Once in the bedroom I kicked off my shoes and offered him the bed. He sat down, leaning back on some pillows and I joined him. We talked another minute before he finally moved to draw me close, his mouth finding my own.

He was a decent kisser. Nothing magical. I love kissing, of course, so more is better to me, but he seemed reluctant. He was free with his teeth in a way I really enjoyed, though. 

He started to let his hands roam my body. I paused a moment, pulling my shirt forward to glance at what bra I was wearing. Nothing special but nothing dingy or threadbare. He laughed gently "making sure it's the right bra?" I smiled back, "it's not sexy, but it's not the worst" and pulled my shirt off, removing the bra very shortly after so he didn't get a very good look.

His hands and mouth quickly found my breasts as he pushed his hips against mine. I think I started to undo the belt of his jeans and he stood up and excused himself to quickly run back into the other room and grab his jacket which, it turned out, contained his condoms.

When he left, I stood up to take off my own pants and panties. I was just finishing up when he returned to the room. He pulled me gently but firmly so my back was pressed against his front and he could fondle my breasts. He brought his lips down on the side of my neck, causing me to writhe in pleasure, rubbing myself against his body, my hands coming up on top of his own to encourage him to squeeze and rub my breasts more.

In case I'm unclear, my ears and neck are incredibly sensitive erogenous zones for me. When he finally broke off his assault so I could breathe I laughed and told him he'd "found my spot."

"I did wonder when the clit moved up into the neck" he teased back.

He urged me back on to the bed and removed his pants, following me quickly. He sat down and I had a long moment to gaze lustfully at his cock.

Jared does not have the biggest cock in the world. What he does have, though, is one that is sufficiently over-sized as to be somewhat concerning to someone who had not had much sex lately. I was pretty sure I'd be able to take him, but I wasn't completely convinced when I first saw it.

I leaned down to spend a few moments worshiping the perfection that was the shape of his cock. And to familiarize myself with my new, hard friend who promised so much pleasure.  I had the velvety hot shaft of his cock in my mouth in seconds, sucking him as deeply as I comfortably could.

There's something about a hard man. I hold his cock between my lips and taste his sweet pre-cum leaking against my tongue. His breath catching in his throat with a moan. His pleasure belongs to me. I own it.

The really nice boys, like Jared, will let his gentle hands caress my skin as he moves my hair out of his view so he can watch his cock disappear between my lips. His touch caring and sensual and appreciative.  The act of sucking his cock became a private show, just for him.

"If you keep that up, I'm going to come," he warned. I paused to consider my options, realizing I'd probably already taken him too far to make having him inside me for more than a few seconds. A minute maybe.

And so I sucked his cock until I felt it swell that last little bit and then pulse with orgasm as his come filled my mouth.