Friday, March 17, 2017

Second visit with Greg

I scheduled Greg to come by on Wednesday.  He didn't confirm that morning.  And then about a half hour after the agreed upon visit time he texted me to say he wasn't able to make it due to an unexpected work meeting.  I was kind of pissed but gave him the benefit of the doubt.  Still I did, later, tell him how unacceptable it was for him to wait so long to let me know he wouldn't be coming by.

We rescheduled for Thursday at 10.  It was after 9 and he clearly hadn't left his home yet.  As it hit 10:30 he assured me he was on the road.  At 11:30 he told me he was almost at my house.  I'm not stupid.  I had already checked to see what the commute time between his city and mine was.  Something like 40 minutes at that time.  A long time, but not two and a half hours.  Even in bad traffic... which there wasn't.

I considered telling him to turn around closer to 11 but couldn't quite bring myself to tell him no when he was on his way, even though I was irritated.  I went back to bed, leaving the door unlocked.  Naked and in bed with my dogs I waited.  And decided to let myself fall asleep.  Which I did.  When he texted me to say he was almost there I told him to come in.  He came into the bedroom and I got up long enough to get rid of the dogs and then crawl back into bed.

Like a clever boy, he immediately stripped down and crawled into bed next to me, his cock pressing delightfully against my ass.  I turned over and he snuggled his hips between my legs and began to feast on my nipples.  I still don't know exactly what he was doing, but it felt vaguely like getting my nipples pierced again.  It hurt.  It felt intense.  It was amazing.  He watched me.  I loved seeing his eyes looking at me,

He moved down between my legs and played with my pussy a bit.  "Harder' I asked, and he did.  And it felt amazing.  His mouth quickly found my clit and he began to tongue and then suck it.  Hard.  It hurt.  A lot.  I expected him to stop but he did not.  I had asked him to watch a particular video.  I did not expect him to get that out of it.I finally asked him to stop and told him it hurt.  "What are you doing?"  "Sucking it like my life depends on it." he said.  I don't know how he got the idea that was the way to go.  Maybe that's what he wants me to do to his cock?

He fingered me and it felt AMAZING.  Intense.  Perfection.  I should have told him to never stop.  I would have come that way.  But for some reason he stopped.  Got bored.  Something. I should have told him to keep going.  He replaced his fingers with his cock and... well... he must have been doing a good job fingering me because his cock felt far less amazing. Still nice.

He kissed me and I could taste the faint flavor of his cigarettes.  Not nearly as intense as last time.  But still obvious.  Damn.

He slid out of me to adjust position and when I reached down to finger my clit he shoved my hand away, sliding back inside me. At some point he folded my legs up between us, his cock head hitting my gspot over and over.  "Did you come?" he asked pausing briefly.  I shook my head no.  "You just got really, really wet." he said.  He went back to fucking me in the same position. A minute later I felt myself pee just a bit.

My entire person froze for a second, briefly confused.  I hadn't come.  It hadn't felt particularly great, either.  Just... like I'd suddenly peed just a bit.  But then I think we all know that's now what happened at all, right? He didn't say anything and I couldn't bring myself to mention it for fear I had just peed.  And then I quickly forgot about it in the pleasure of his cock.

Once again, I managed not to come, much to my painful disappointment.  I asked him to let me touch myself, to put his fingers inside me.  He pushed his cock back inside me and I told him I couldn't reach my clit very well.  "Deal," he said, pointedly.  I rather liked the way he said it.  But I still couldn't come.

Finally he said "I'm going to cum inside you."  "Yes, please" I asked.  He came inside me shortly after.  A minute later we went to take a shower.  We talked a little.  And he left asking if we would see each other next week.  "I don't know my schedule" I said truthfully.  Turns out my schedule next week is a mess.  I did text him my schedule.  But I'll find an excuse to beg off and then we won't see each other again.

Disappointing as hell.

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