Friday, March 10, 2017


I went and saw "Logan" today. Really entertaining. However, I spent much of the movie wondering if Dan was there. Envisioning him walking up to me, touching me. Fuck, I miss him.  It's not that he was an amazing lover. I had sex with him several times and never got anywhere near coming. But kissing him, touching him. I loved that.

Greg, on the other hand, left me somewhat chafed with a few sore muscles to boot. The man can fuck, and I can't deny I liked it.

We chatted online a bit today. He wanted to come over again but I had to decline. No privacy today, unfortunately. A painful thing to do, to say no to something I'm still hungry for. A little extra lube would take care of the chafing and I'd be ready in no time.

Greg is interested in being a regular feature in my life. I had to ask him about the smoking. "I do it when I'm nervous" he admitted. A terrible habit but I took some extra pride in the fact that he was nervous to meet me. Still, I told him I could taste it on him and wasn't a fan.  We'll see. I think some people forget that the smell and taste of cigarettes don't just dissipate because they haven't smoked in a few hours.  If he's lying, it will be over. You know, after we have sex again.

I did mention we had a few things to work on. Admitted I'm terribly addicted to porn and find it difficult to come without it. And that I loved the feel of his fingers inside me. I couldn't quite bring myself to tell him he's not as great at oral sex as I'd hoped and stopped doing the things I liked way too soon.  I was pretty sure I need to ease into the pride wounding.

I have a book I bought years ago called "how to talk to a naked man." I don't remember anything in it, but maybe I need to give it another quick read. Maybe it holds the secret how to ask for what I need without sounding disappointed.

I will say, though, that between my recent lovers I've pretty much gotten to the point where I'm no longer one of those girls who don't care much for oral. Even a bad tonguing is turning out to be pretty good.

The, as of yet, unnamed character in my story is conspicuously absent. I'm not sure why. But his entertaining part of my life is sorely missed, too.

I haven't come up with a good name for him yet, and since we've not yet met I'm still not sure what his part will be in the story.  Until I figure out a name for him and have a decent introduction story for him, he's my precious secret.

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