Saturday, May 06, 2017


I slept with Josh a few times. The first night I think he came three times. His cock isn't much to write home about. It's rather small and unassuming. But he's good with his hands and knows it very well.

I brought one of my vibrators with me one night and we tried to get me off with it. I did eventually come, but it wasn't easy and it was weak and disappointing.

He mentioned how disappointed he was by my lack of orgasms. I'd had to fight so hard to have that one... and it was very much the opposite of dramatic or even remotely interesting. I agreed with the thought... but I am so frustrated by my inability to come with lovers that when he said that I made the decision to not return the next day as had been planned. Even knowing that he may never return to my city.

However, two weeks later he was back and I decided to go see him again. This time he had his Hitachi magic wand and attachment.

There wasn't much warm up before he had that thing pressed up against my pussy. But it was too much to fast and I told him as much. I introduced him to my own attachment, solely used for gspot simulation which he eventually slid inside me from behind.

I turned back over and he switched back to his own attachment. A two parter that slid somewhat inside me and then also reached for my clit.  It was a lot at first, even then. The vibrations so strong I almost couldn't take it. And then suddenly it wasn't enough.

Earlier in the day, I be had been with another man. A man whose oral talents nearly bought me to orgasm three times. His cock, too, was incredibly impressive. Actually thick enough to be somewhat painful once he was inside.

Laying there with the magic wand pressed against my vulva, I envisioned the earlier man's tongue pressed so perfectly where it needed to be.  The man I was with right then pressed his mouth to mine and in moments I felt myself reaching the edge of orgasm.

When I finally came it wasn't a giant wave washing over me, leaving me quivering and sensitive and hungry for a cock inside my pussy. This time, it was a gentle wave that made me mystified as to what had happened.  It made me arch and moan and seek my lover's mouth hungrily. And then it disappeared only to return in the same gentle, surprising wave. Over and over again I felt myself give in to the pleasure, feeling it recede and return in a way I'd never experienced. Crying and panting into my lover's mouth between deep kisses.

I don't know how many times I came or how long it went on. What I know is eventually I came back to myself utterly happy and confused.

My first multiple orgasm. My first orgasm given to me by a lover.

It was amazing and perfect.

And now I want more.

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