Monday, May 29, 2017


I've been trying to keep really busy, sexually. It's been working pretty well. I love getting laid (just like most people). As always, my goal is to get laid a few times a week. I'm not as successful with that as I'd like.

My lovers have a terrible tendency to not meet my expectations when it comes to frequency. Most of them have perfectly reasonable reasons for not being available. Or we have scheduling conflicts.

So, I find myself looking for new lovers way more often than I like. But there is a certain joy in fucking someone new. Being touched in a different way. Getting to touch in a new and different way.

One of my lovers, Joss, was one of the first men I've been with to show not just tolerance or curiosity about sex toys but a genuine interest and appreciation for them.

I own a Hitachi Magic Wand, but he brought his along an attachment. And then he used it on me. For what was probably a very long time. It felt like it. It felt amazing.

He proceeded to give me my first orgasm for which a partner was solely responsible. And it turns out... It's pretty fucking amazing.  He was also responsible for the second.

The third came from another man. With the same name as the first, oddly. I think he'll end up being a one night stand, but you can imagine that's not my preference. He managed to get me off using his hands and mouth. And blew my mind.

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